Security features

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File encryption


End-to-end encryption

Files you send and store are protected by AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption. HushApp offers end-to-end encryption: at rest and in transit, from one device to another. We guarantee secure file sharing.



At HushApp we guarantee zero-knowledge. It makes communication very secure: only you know what you’re communicating about or what files you are sharing. We also do not store your passphrase and it makes it impossible to restore it, make sure you remember it well.

zero knowledge encryption
transfer encrypted files


Transfer controls

You can send files to anyone, choose expiration date and attach messages. Files to external users are protected via a password. This ensures a safe collaboration inside and outside of your company.


User management

With our Small Business Plan you can create a company profile, invite users and give them certain permissions. You can also monitor their activity and know what data is circulating in your company and going out.

digital rights management
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