What can I use HushApp for on a daily basis?
Use the app to send any sensitive data to your clients or to your business partners, such as invoices, confidential notes, financial information, legal files, personal documents, passwords, images, videos, among others. Also to receive encrypted files from anyone you wish: colleagues, clients, and/or other companies.
How will this app protect my data?
Your files are end-to-end encrypted. This means any file you send, receive or store using the app will be secured and inaccessible to others. Our app generates your private key locally on your device and your files are encrypted locally. Meaning that only you will be able to access your files: not your internet provider, not us, only you.
Why is it easier to use and more secure than others?
This solution was built by cryptography experts and user experience designers. This ensures that the app is both intuitive and secure since we use the most advanced encryption methods required for data protection on one hand and combine it with intuitive design on the other.
Which platforms and devices are supported?
Access the app using a mobile, tablet, laptop, and/or desktop device. If accessing through a browser, use it through Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge.
What does Zero-Knowledge mean?
Zero-Knowledge means that Hush cannot read the data you have stored, even if we wanted to or were required to do so by law. Hush was built around zero-knowledge privacy so we can offer you the privacy you are looking for and deserve.
What are encryption standards of HushApp?
To ensure secure file sharing and secure communication, Hush has integrated a serie of encryption algorithms that will give you the protection you need. The algorithms integrated are:
  • Encryption at-rest:With this encryption algorithm Hush will always encrypt your data that is stored. This means it will always protect your files that are not moved or used, but only kept safe and stored in your vault.
  • Encryption standard AES-256:This encryption standard It is the most advanced form of the cypher and involves 14 rounds of substitution, transposition and mixing for an exceptionally high level of security. By using the AES-256 encryption standards, Hush ensures you that if our servers were hacked, your data would be impossible to be decrypted.
  • Encryption standard RSA-2048 (Military Grade):Hush integrated this asymmetric cryptography protocol to securely validate your identity every time you are signing in to Hush, ensuring that only you can access the information encrypted and sent. This encryption standard has been approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) to protect information at a “Top Secret” level. It is now widely-accepted as the strongest encryption there is – and used by governments, militaries, banks and other organizations across the world to protect sensitive data.


I forgot my passphrase. What should I do?
For your security, user passphrases can’t be reset due to the platform’s zero-knowledge on user passphrases information, disallowing anyone on our side to access them. our security protocol can’t reset your passphrase due to our zero-knowledge integration that doesn’t allow us to have access to your passphrase information.
I want to change my passphrase. What should I do?
At this moment you are not able to change your passphrase. The Hush team is currently working to make it happen. Please, be patient!
How can I create a secure passphrase?
In order to create a secure passphrase, follow the next recommendations:
  • Choose a 12-character passphrase or longer.
  • Use spaces between words.
  • Consider including numbers or symbols such as !, ?, +, %, $, ^.
  • Make sure you can remember the passphrase, at the moment we can't reset it.
How can I modify the ‘remember passphrase’ time?
To modify how long the app should remember your passphrase:
  • Go to the menu tab.
  • Tap privacy settings.
  • Choose “Remember passphrase”
  • Set the time you would like Hush to remember the passphrase on that device to one of the selectable options.
    • Never
    • 5 minutes
    • 15 minutes
    • 8 hours
  • Your passphrase remembrance time has been modified successfully.